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Real Estate Taxes

Your real estate taxes are based on the current assessed value of your property multiplied by the current millage rate. The Spring real estate tax is the Municipal and County tax. Lake Township's current millage rate is .5. For example, if the assessed value of your property is $100,000, your Township real estate taxes would be $50.00. Luzerne County’s millage rate is 5.9754. The fall real estate tax is the school tax. The current Lake Lehman School District tax millage rate is 10.2806.

The municipal millage rate is determined by the Board of Supervisors and adopted by Resolution as part of the Township's budget by December 31st of each year. In 2017, the millage rate was increased to .5 mills. Prior to that increase, the Township millage rate had not been adjusted since 1975. Your tax dollars help support our Road Department, Recycling Program, and general operating expenses.

All Luzerne County and Lake Township real estate taxes are collected by Lake Township. Bills are mailed by the County around March 1 of each year. If you have any questions about your taxes or property assessment, please contact the Luzerne County Courthouse at 570-825-1500.

For questions regarding your Lake-Lehman Area School District real estate taxes, please call the School District Office at 570-675-2165. School District tax bills are mailed around July 1 each year and are payable by mail or at the Lake Township Municipal Building. The Tax Collector is elected to this position. The Tax Collector's powers, duties, and liabilities are established by the Second Class Township Code. She is required to be bonded and is responsible to maintain the records, provide duplicate tax bills, verify payments and account information and provide a receipt of payment.

Tax Statement

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