Lake Township

Luzerne County


Budget Message




The 2021 budget is based on anticipated revenues from the .5 mills real estate tax, a 5.00 per capita tax, a real estate transfer tax of ½ %, and a 1 % earned income tax.



Anticipated revenues also include Liquid Fuels Funds estimated at $108,874.



Anticipated expenditures include $20,886 for the non-uniform employee pension plan.  Also, a spring clean-up, $130,000 grant request for new roller, $135612 grant request for new loader, $8500.00 donation to be divided among five fire and ambulance companies, a $700.00 donation to the public library, $100 donation to Lake Lehman Last Knight event, and $100 donation to Patriots Cove and $100 donation to the Noxen Food Pantry.



The following raises have been included: Road foreman from $22.92 to $23.26, and road laborers from $21.91 to 22.24.


Based on the 2010 census of 2050 residents, and a total budget of $968053,

anticipated spending amounts to approx. $472.22 per resident, per year.



Of the budget, about 13% is for General Government Administration, about 2.2% is for Public Safety, about 1.6% is for Health Services, .01% is for donations, 70% is for Roads, and 13.2% is for Insurance, Bonding, Employee Benefits and payroll withholdings.