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NOVEMBER 8th, 2023


Call to order


Pledge to the flag


Public comments on the agenda items.


Motion to approve the minutes of the October 11th meeting and the November 6th Budget Meeting.


Motion to accept the following reports: Financial, Road Foreman’s, SEO’s and Tax Collector’s.


Motion to approve the payment of the list of bills.


Motion to advertise for position of Supervisor for year 2024.


Motion to adopt Resolution No. 23-07, revising 23-06, allowing Gerald Price and Kenneth Scavone to apply for grant for a Loader Backhoe in the amount of $146,857.80.


Motion to donate $200 each to Patriot’s Cove and Pastor’s Pantry.


Motion to advertise the intent to hire a qualified CPA to perform the 2024 audit and 2024 Tax Collector’s audit.


Motion to advertise proposed budget for 2024.



  • Thank you notes from Harvey’s Lake and Back Mountain Fire and Ambulance Companies and Back Mountain Library.

  • Secretary’s office closed Thanksgiving. Hours will be Wednesday.

  • Supervisors to purchase turkeys/hams for road crew

  • SEO Bill Bilby announced his retirement effective Dec 31st.


Motion to accept the communications as read.



Roadmaster Report



Other business



Code Enforcement Report



Hearing of visitors



Motion to adjourn

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