July 8th, 2020


  1. Call to order


  1. Pledge to the flag


  1. Public comments on the agenda items


  1. Motion to approve the minutes of the June 10th, 2020 meeting.


  1. Motion to accept the following report: Road Foreman’s, Tax Collector’s, and Financial.


  1. Motion to approve the payment of the list of bills.


  1. Motion to accept the bituminous materials quote from American Asphalt.


  1. ‚Äč

  • Office is closed week of August 3rd.

  • Received payment from Luzerne Conservation Dist. For two D&G Road Projects-North Mtn Rd and Halowich Rd in the amount of $41628.65

  • Building is now open to the public during regular business hours. You will be requested to wear a mask and instructed to have a seat in the meeting room upon entering in order to comply with social distancing measures.


  1. Motion to accept the communications as read.


  1. Other business




  1. Roadmaster Report




  1. Code Enforcement Report




  1. Hearing of visitors




  1. Motion to adjourn