NOVEMBER 11th, 2020


  1. Call to order


  1. Pledge to the flag


  1. Public comments on the agenda items.


  1. Motion to approve the minutes of the October 14th meeting and the October 27th Budget Meeting.


  1. Motion to accept the following reports: Financial, Road Foreman’s, SEO’s and Tax Collector’s.


  1. Motion to approve the payment of the list of bills.


  1. Motion to advertise proposed budget for 2021.


  1. Motion to adopt Ordinance No: 01-20, Establishing Maximum Speed Limits for The Following Road: Halowich Road and Penalties for Violations Thereof.


  1. Motion to adopt the Luzerne County 2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution #20-10.


  1. Communications:

  • Thank you note Harvey’s Lake Fire and Ambulance.

  • Hours for the Tax Collector- Nov 13th-2-4pm; Dec 21st-2-4pm; Dec 31st-2-4pm

  • Secretary’s office closed Thanksgiving. Open Nov 27th, 9-1

  • Supervisors to purchase turkeys for road crew

  1. Motion to accept the communications as read.



  1. Other business


  1. Roadmaster Report


  1. Code Enforcement Report


  1. Hearing of visitors


  1. Motion to adjourn