Lake Township

Re-organization Meeting


January 6th, 2020


  1. Call to Order


  1. Pledge to the Flag


  1. Chairman declares all offices vacant and appoints a temporary Chairman and temporary Secretary


  1. Nomination of Chairman


  1. Chairman assumes the chair and calls for nomination of Vice-Chairman


  1. Motion to appoint Carlene Price as Secretary/Treasurer and Building Permit Liaison at a salary of $1101per month.


  1. Motion to set bond at $300,000.00 for the Treasurer Carlene Price.


  1. Motion to appoint a Road Foreman at $22.92 per hour and Laborers for the Road Department at $21.91 per hour.All to receive Blue Cross, and vacations and holidays as follows: 2 Personal days, 6 paid holidays, one employee to receive 7 vacation days, one employee to receive 10 vacation days and one employee to receive 6 vacation days.


  1. Motion to appoint a Supervisor to be in charge of the Road Department, Supervisor to be in charge of the SEO and a Supervisor to be in charge ofadministration and applying for grants.


  1. Motion to authorize any Township Supervisor to be paid as a part time employee hourly for additional work after approval from the Board of Supervisors according to the rate established by the township auditors.


  1. Motion to appoint Mark McNealis as solicitor to be paid a fee of $150.00 per hour.


  1. Motion to appoint William Bilby as Sewage Enforcement Officer and John Belles as alternate to be paid on an established fee schedule.


  1. Motion to appoint BIU to continue being our third-party building code official.


  1. Motion to appoint Gary Booth as Code Enforcement Officer @ $21.91 per hour.


  1. Motion to appoint 2 auditors to work with elected auditor Eric Hansen to set the wages for the paid working Supervisors.

Rich Chocallo- Ira Hufford


  1. Motion to adopt Resolution 20-01 to appoint Ray Knaub and Co., a Firm of Certified or Competent Public Accountants to examine all the accounts of the Township for the fiscal year 2019.                                                                                                                                       

  1. Motion to adopt Resolution 20-02, , PennDOT and the Township of Lake, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania have agreed to use the DotGrants on-line reporting system to file the required Liquid Fuels forms annually; including, but not limited to the MS-965, MS-329 and MS-999 forms.


  1. Motion to adopt Resolution 20-03, the PSATS Pennsylvania Municipalities Pension Trust Disclosure Statement required by Chapter 7-A of Act 44 of 2009, covering the administrative, actuarial, investment and advisory services which are provided to the pension plan through PSATS Pension Trust, Summit Financial Corp. and Nationwide.


  1. Motion to appoint Dennis Dobinick as EMA Coordinator and Gary Booth as Assistant EMA Coordinator, and to Re-appoint the following individuals to the Back Mountain Regional Emergency Management Agency in conjunction with the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement between Dallas Borough, Jackson Township, Lehman Township and Lake Township:

  1. Harry Vivian as the Back Mountain Regional EMA Chief Coordinator representing Dallas Borough

  2. John J. Wilkes as the Back Mountain Regional EMA Deputy Chief Coordinator representing Jackson Township

  3. James Welby as the Back Mountain Regional EMA Assistant Coordinator representing Lehman Township

  4. Dennis Barney Dobinick as Back Mountain Regional EMA Assistant Coordinator representing Lake Township.


  1. Motion to appoint Doug Trumbower, an Engineer, to work on projects as needed.


  1. Motion to appoint Bob Halowich as Chairman of the Vacancy Board


  1. Motion to appoint Vito Pilosi, Thomas Grundowski, Brett Raspen, and Kenneth Gronski as the Unified Construction Code Appeals Board.


  1. Motion to appoint the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust and First National Bank as depositories of the Township funds.


  1. Motion to set the mileage rate at 57.5 cents per mile for reimbursement expenses for all Township personnel who use their own vehicles for Township business other than coming to work.


  1. Motion to set the regular monthly meeting dates for the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM with work session starting at 6:15 PM and the regular office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Budget meeting will be Oct 19 at 4:30pm.


  1. Motion to authorize Secretary to pay the following bills on or before the due dates:UGI, Frontier, Insurance Premiums, Withholding Taxes, fuel bills, and any other routine bills that may come due prior to the next meeting.


  1. Motion to authorize the Secretary to certify DEP reimbursement forms with the Township seal.


  1. Motion to name the Secretary as the Chief Administrative Officer for the purpose of certifying information to the Office of the Auditor General for the pension fund.


  1. Motion to appoint Carlene Price as delegate and Bob Pace as alternate delegate for the purpose of attending Luzerne County Tax Collector Committee quarterly meetings                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  2. Motion to approve the minutes of the December 11th meeting.


  1. Motion to accept the following reports:Road Foreman’s, Financial, SEO’s.


  1. Motion to approve the list of bills.


  1. Motion to adopt Resolution No. 20-04, allowing Bob Pace to apply for grant for a vibrating roller and trailer in the amount of $158,498.93. 


  1. Motion to adopt Resolution No. 20-05, setting the fee schedule for sewage enforcement in Lake Township for 2020.


  1. Motion to adopt Resolution No. 20-06, setting the fee schedule for Building Code inspections and electrical inspections in Lake Township


  1. Motion to adopt PSATS Pension Trust Act 44 Disclosure Form. This form states that the Trust has entered into a number of subcontracts with firms that provide various professional services, and provides a list of those subcontractors and their services.


  1. ‚Äč

  • Recycling update

  • Thank you from JR Davis Fire Company.

  1. Motion to accept the communications as read.


  1. Other business



  1. Hearing of visitors



  1. Motion to adjourn