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March 8th, 2023


Call to order


Pledge to the flag


Public comments on the agenda items


Motion to approve the minutes of the February 8th meeting.


Motion to accept the following reports: Road Foreman’s, Tax Collector, and Financial.


Motion to approve the payment of the list of bills.

Opening of bids for truck


Motion to award the bid for new truck to_____________ in the amount of $________.


Motion to advertise for the 2022 Municipal Audit.


Motion to approve scheduling of Fall Clean-Up.


Motion to donate $100 to LLHS Last Knight Graduation Event.


Motion to sign agreement with Luzerne County Election Bureau for holding elections at the Township Building.


  1. Communication:

    • Liquid Fuels allotment deposited $114,451.45

    • Office hours altered for Tuesday, 3-21, 4-4, 4-18. Hours will be Monday 3-20, 4-3, and 4-17.

    • Tax Collector hours changed from March 18th to March 25, 8-10am

    • Thank you from Back Mtn Food Pantry


Motion to accept the communications as read.


Roadmaster report




Code Enforcement Report




Other business





Hearing of visitors





Motion to adjourn

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