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Back Mountain Regional Emergency Management Agency

The Back Mountain Regional EMA came about in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene on Aug. 28, 2011, which wreaked havoc on the region. Members of the Back Mountain Community Partnership vowed to be prepared for another storm of that magnitude.

If you have medical emergency, please call 911

In the event of a weather emergency, residents are urged to call the Lehman Township Station at 570-675-5654.

The new building on Route 118 is up and running and the number at that location is 570-675-0636.

Officers include:

Harry Vivian

Back Mt. Regional EMA Chief Coordinator representing Dallas Borough

John J. Wilkes

Back Mt. Regional EMA Deputy Coordinator representing Jackson Township

James Welby

Back Mt. Regional EMA Assistant Coordinator representing Lehman Township

Dennis Barney Dobinick

Back Mt. Regional EMA Assistant Coordinator representing Lake Township

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